Everything works by love. John calls himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved”. There is no reason to think that Jesus loves John more than others, but John has more confidence. He saw himself loved. Book about miracles ACIM related book Later, he explained that when we know that we are loved by God, we love others

Faith struggle
Many people feel that they lack faith or that their faith is not enough. If they have more faith, won’t they receive more from God? Could we have put the cart in front of the horse? Paul tells us that “faith that works by love” Instead of seeking faith, seek a greater understanding of God’s love.
Some people were frustrated, “My faith doesn’t work. I don’t know what else to do; I have tried everything – I memorized the Scriptures, and I acknowledge the Scriptures. ” Another person said, “I tried to imagine my miracle, I put up posters with the writings of the Scriptures, and my T-shirt read, ‘By His stripes, I was healed’.” Yes, many people apply every ‘technique’ spiritually, and the results are empty. This is the answer; when you know how much God loves you, your faith will work.
Having faith in faith does not move our mountains. Faith is not a condition that is produced by the right measure of confidence, confidence, and courage coupled with a number of other things. Conversely, when we rely on how much Heavenly Father loves us, faith becomes natural like breathing.

I have seen thousands of people healed, but I have also seen thousands of people dragging their tired, sick and tortured bodies back home without healing. Although I did not claim to have all the answers, I noticed that there were important things to consider. It seems that those who believe in their own faith or focus on struggling to have faith are difficult people to receive miracles. I observe great miracles occur when a person becomes aware of God’s love.

Sometimes we equate faith with a strong will. I have seen disabled people who cannot walk completely healed, but I also see people who with their will are able to momentarily push themselves out of wheelchairs. Sometimes, it was the strong will of the people around them who lifted and pulled them to walk but then put them back into the chair. You see, believing in healing is one thing, but having the faith of Jesus that moves mountains is a different matter. True faith comes from simplicity and calm to receive God’s love.